Silver Screen Elite


The Highly Anticipated FALL 2016...

12 Week Blitz


Over the past few years I've received hundreds of amazing emails from musicians like you telling me about all their success licensing THEIR MUSIC for TV & Film, BUT....

...a LOT of musicians haven't even gotten STARTED licensing their music yet (...are you guilty too?)

Unfortunately, they are letting this Once-in-a-LIFETIME opportunity PASS THEM BY!  WHY???

They KNOW their music would be PERFECT for TV/Film - AND they completely understand why NOW is the perfect time for them to get started! But let's face it...

It Can Be VERY Difficult If You:

- have a full-time job...
- have little or no free time...
- just want to RELAX after work...
- hate doing the confusing TECHNICAL stuff...
- hate doing the time-consuming administrative stuff...
- aren't really sure if you're music is ready...
- OR you just don't know where to start!

Trust me, I TOTALLY understand. Although it was worth it in the end, I had to spend YEARS of Trial & Error figuring this stuff out...  Let me SAVE YOU the trouble!
You want to focus on MUSIC... not all this boring "left-brain" stuff, right??

Well, I have great news! I decided to step it up BIG TIME this year and do whatever it takes to get YOU to the next level with your music career - and FAST!

Whether you are already successfully licensing your music OR you haven't even set up your website yet, I'm personally going to take your music career up a notch!

I'm calling it the "SilverScreen Elite - 12 Week Blitz"

My team and I will work 1-on-1 with you to do EVERYTHING in our ability to take your music career to the next level!  I mean EVERYTHING!

No matter where you are stuck, we will help you blast through your barriers and re-gain your momentum.

If you missed out on the last time I took a few lucky musicians under my wing and successfully got EACH of them Music Licensing Contracts, this is the PERFECT chance for you to work with me 1-on-1 to rapidly accelerate your music career!
SilverScreen Elite - 12 Week Blitz

After your secure one of the 3 spots available you'll get:
Initial "Battle Plan" Strategy Session Call with Me:
- Figure out exactly where you are currently
- Uncover "low hanging fruit" or shortcuts based on your skills
- Develop a custom plan to quickly get you on the path for success
12 Weekly Strategy Session Calls with Me (1-on-1):
- Keep the momentum going and blast through barriers
- Update your Battle Plan as needed for you
- Get all your music business related questions answered
Music Reviews and Recommendations Provided:
- Get up to ten songs reviewed with recommendations
- Get simple change suggestions to increase chances of getting licensed
- I'll give you the GREEN LIGHT when I recommend you're ready to go!
Music Descriptions, Keywords, Moods, and Meta Data:
- Get all the needed meta data for up to ten songs
- Professionally written descriptions for each of the songs
- Optimized Keywords for each song for the highest licensing potential!
Logo, Branding, & Social Media Graphics
- Our Graphic Designer will create a custom logo for you to use for year!
- Get Facebook & Twitter background graphics
- Social media designs all set up for you!!
Professional Website Design & Set Up
- Get your completely custom, mobile-friendly professional music website designed
- Get your website all set up and ready to go for you (NO TECH STUFF for you)
- Strategically designed so Music Licensing Companies will love it! 
Rapid Expansion Engine Setup (for explosive growth!)
- Song descriptions & keywords spreadsheet set up for you
- "Spreadsheet of Glory" music licensing company spreadsheet set up
- Configured for you with your own Google Drive account (we handle it all)
- SOLID Foundation to build on for years or DECADES into the future!
Final Overview & Approval
- Check all music, branding, website, etc. to make sure your ready
- Recommend any final updates before contacting companies
- Approve everything when looking good to start contacting companies!
Make Contact On Your Behalf
- My team will contact/submit your music to ten companies
- We will do so on your behalf (as you)

- Your "Rapid Expansion Engine" will be updated accordingly


After you secure one of the 3 spots available in the SilverScreenElite "12 Week Blitz" program you'll get everything you need to RAPIDLY take your music career to the next level and start being successful (or more successful) licensing your music for TV, Film, & many other media formats! 
When I've worked 1-on-1 with musicians in the past the cost is ALWAYS $5k to $10k...  and that's a KILLER DEAL...

Especially when you consider how much it would cost to hire a music licensing consult for 12 weeks, hire and train an entire team to manage the administrative tasks, plus get a professional logo & mobile-friendly website created for you!  It would be well over $20k!!


In fact, when my wife Kelly and I used to create custom websites, our MINIMUM price was $2,500 - just for the website & set up alone (not including consulting).
BUT THIS TIME I've decided to lower the price so ANY SERIOUS and committed MUSICIAN would be able to afford it...
I absolutely LOVE working with musicians and helping them take their careers to the NEXT LEVEL!
I LOVE hearing success stories of my students getting their songs on TV (and getting Royalty Checks in the mail!)

Soooo.... I decided to take a HUGE risk and offer everything listed above for only 1500 bucks!  I know... crazy, awesome, amazing, deal, right?  Well, that's why it's LIMITED to ONLY the FIRST 3 people to secure a spot.  Is that YOU??


The SilverScreen Elite - 12 Week Blitz is the best deal I've ever offered to work 1-on-1 with me and my team (and the lowest price I will EVER offer for this opportunity).


You'll get everything you need to SUPER-CHARGE your music career and RAPIDLY take it to the next level!

"Looking forward to working 1-on-1 with you!" - Matt Rusin



Only 3 Spots Available and They Won't Last Long...



As soon as the 3 spots are filled the link above will disappear.

After we receive your payment we will create your SilverScreen Elite Membership and begin working 1-on-1 with you to rapidly accelerate your music career!